Best Bamboo Products For Eco-Friendly Minded People

Best Bamboo Products For Eco-Friendly Minded People

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Switching to bamboo products is a simple and eco-friendly choice

Bamboo has become widely acknowledged for being a renewable resource with amazing applications.

One of the most effective methods to assist the environment is to plant bamboo. Bamboo is essential for maintaining equilibrium in the atmosphere's oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.

The fact that bamboo has become the largest renewable crop is very true. According to "Guinness World Records", a bamboo forest can have a growth rate of 35 inches/ 91cm per day!

Find out what bamboo has to offer for the eco-conscious folks. We're going on a journey with favorite bamboo products - from everyday household items to personal care products.

What home products can be made from bamboo?

If there is still doubt regarding the eco-friendly versatility and durability of this plant, we trust this list will help. Bamboo has more energy-efficient properties and is much more economical in production which means that your products are cheaper.

Bamboo Forest

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Top 31 Bamboo Products for Your House and Personal Use

1. Bamboo Flooring:

Bamboo flooring and floor coverings made from solid bamboo panels are becoming far more popular and widely available in the market because of their insulation properties and natural beauty. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, come in a variety of textures, colors, and designs to suit every taste - modern or classic.

Bamboo floors add an exotic feel to any room while saving you money on your energy bills throughout the year.

Their warm appearance visually brings the surrounding area together creating coherency between exterior elements such as walls, railings, and staircases with interior ones such as doors and cabinets.

Their rich color variations allow homeowners to plan around other decorating decisions such as wall colors, furniture, and decor.

2. Bamboo Kitchenware:

Light, easy to clean, and hygienic are some of the many advantages of using bamboo utensils. Bamboo products are naturally anti-bacterial which means that your cutlery will last longer without creating bacteria pockets compared to their plastic or metal counterparts.

They are long-lasting because unlike plastic handles they don't crack under high temperatures, making them perfect for use in microwaves as well as ovens. Their light weight makes them very comfortable to hold.

Bamboo Products

3. Bamboo Charcoal:

Bamboo charcoal is a renowned product with many uses. It can be used as a natural air purifier and deodorizer because of its absorbing and filtering properties. It absorbs harmful substances such as toxins, chemicals, and gases making it an excellent addition to your daily home care routine.

4. Bamboo Kitchen Utensils:

Bamboo kitchen utensils with their light weight and flexibility are an excellent choice for many reasons. They can withstand high temperatures, which makes them perfect for use in microwaves as well as ovens. Some of their characteristics that make them eco-friendly products include:

No harmful chemicals used to process the bamboo;

  • Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial;

100% organic. No pesticides were used in growing the bamboo.

5. Bamboo Dinnerware:

Modern or traditional, bamboo's beautiful warm color range is perfect for both contemporary and classic styles of decorating your tabletop.

These bamboo dinner plates and sets are more durable than you would initially expect considering their thinness which makes them perfect for casual get-togethers with friends or family alike.

What's more, is that they are better equipped to get rid of smells compared to melamine so your food will stay smelling fresh even when eaten at a later time.

6. Bamboo Storage Containers & Bowls:

What kind of household products list would it be if we didn't include containers? Baskets made out of bamboo make excellent soft storage containers in the home because of their multi-purpose nature.


Not only can bamboo products be used for storage, but you can also use them to carry items around the house or outside in your garden.

They are both lightweight and sturdy which makes them a great choice for storing objects such as toys, and stationery.

In addition, bamboo kitchenware is extremely easy to clean with just soap and water.

Bamboo Baskets

7. Bamboo Shelving:

If you want to add some color or personality into your interior design then shelves made out of bamboo would be a wise choice given their affordability and suitability for indoor use.

You can find a huge variety of different bamboo shelving units that come in various shapes, sizes, and colors making it easy for our customers to find something that suits their taste.

What's more, is that bamboo shelves are cheaper to make compared to other types of shelving such as glass or steel which means you pay a lot less money for the same quality.

8. Bamboo Plant Stands:

We're sure we don't need to convince you just how lovely plants can look in your house if displayed on an attractive bamboo plant stand along with sustainable furniture

Bamboo makes excellent plant stands because of its strength and sturdy nature, without sacrificing form given its natural curves and carved designs that can give any interior design a sense of character and personality.

They come in different shades so whether you go with light brown shades or darker tones such as black will depend on what type of design you want to achieve together with your plants and other furniture.

9. Phone & Ipad Docks:

Smartphones and tablets are expensive gadgets that deserve to be looked after properly when not in use.

The best way to achieve this is by using a stylish stand made out of bamboo that allows your device to charge while looking pretty at the same time!

Bamboo charging station docks allow you to display your gadget in all its glory by offering an elevated view which makes it easy to see incoming notifications without needing to pick up the device every time.

Moreover, most smartphone docks come with anti-slip pads or smooth surfaces on their bases which means they can be safely put on any tabletop without scratching or damaging it over time.

Bamboo Forest

10. Bamboo Toys

If you're thinking of buying  toys for your child then bamboo products are the right material to go with, given its strength and smooth surface that can be easily cleaned with just soap and water which makes it perfect for kids.

11. Bamboo Clothes        

As an eco-conscious person, you should consider switching over to clothing made of bamboo fiber as well because it's easy on the environment and natural — not to mention incredibly practical since many of these pieces are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.

For example, one type of bamboo fabric called rayon uses lyocell which is made using wood pulp. Rayon is a synthetic fiber made from renewable raw materials.

Naturally biodegradable and static-resistant, rayon fabrics are also breathable, comfortable, and absorbent. Rayon is manufactured from cellulose fibers that have been purified.

12. Cutting Boards:   

Other popular bamboo products are cutting boards which are essential for any kitchen, be it for chopping up fruit and vegetables or simply as a place to cut open some food packaging.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly material that has the same antibacterial properties as teak but with added strength, which means you can cut on them without marring their surface.

Bamboo makes excellent cutting boards due to its hardness and durability which is why many professional chefs prefer them over plastic ones.

You'll love how easy bamboo cutting boards are to clean with just water and some soap.

Bamboo Cutting Board

13. Bamboo Sheets

Although bamboo sheets can become a little expensive as they use eco-sustainable fabrics made from bamboo fiber, they are increasingly popular around the world.

This is a light, comfortable piece that many manufacturers are positioning as luxurious items.

They are very breathable, ideal for people who tend to get hot during the night. 


14.  Bamboo Pillows

Bamboo pillows are stuffed with lightweight material. These pillows are known to be highly durable and naturally hypoallergenic, perfect for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Bamboo pillows are made from bamboo viscose, a type of rayon that is derived from organic bamboo pulp. Bamboo has antibacterial properties that allow it to be naturally resistant to dust mites and other allergies that cause problems for many people.

15. Bamboo blinds, curtains, and shades

Another example of indoor usage of bamboo products is various kinds of roman blinds, shades, and curtains made entirely from bamboo.

Bamboo blinds and shades look especially elegant because bamboo is a light, sustainable material that can easily be dyed in various colors.

16. Bamboo screens or room dividers

Another great way to personalize your home is by using eco-friendly bamboo room dividers or screens that provide you with all kinds of ways to separate rooms without sacrificing space.

Whether it's used as a divider between your bedroom and living room or simply to block out light coming through your windows, these products are extremely versatile despite their often striking patterns.

17. Bamboo tiki torches

You may already know bamboo products for their beautiful, long-lasting quality.

That's why it makes a great choice for tiki torches that will add a touch of warmth and elegance to your backyard or garden.

In addition, you'll love how easy they are to install thanks to their lightweight design. Just remember not to leave the bamboo tiki torches unattended, especially when there are children around.

18. Bamboo paper towels

Instead of buying paper towels that are made from trees, consider using eco-friendly bamboo paper towels.

Bamboo is a material that's both strong and highly absorbent because of its microfibre nature compared to regular paper towels, which makes bamboo paper towels extremely sustainable.

It's also soft on sensitive skin which makes it perfect for the kitchen where there are often spills to clean up quickly.

19.  Bamboo Towels

If you're looking for eco-friendly alternatives to cotton towels then consider bamboo towels. They also come with many of the same qualities such as softness and durability.

Remember to look for products that are made from bamboo viscose, a type of rayon that is derived from organic bamboo plants' pulp.

These towels have antibacterial properties that allow them to be naturally resistant to mold and mildew so they won't smell bad in a short amount of time.  


Bamboo Bath or Shower Towel

20. Bamboo toothbrushes and holders

However, did you know that bamboo toothbrushes are more eco-friendly than a regular plastic toothbrush because they're biodegradable? A bamboo toothbrush is also affordable, highly functional, and comes in different shapes and sizes depending on your dental needs. 

It is also available as sets with convenient bamboo holders.    

21. Bamboo Skincare

The word bamboo comes from the ancient Chinese language, where it means "rejuvenate". Bamboo extract has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties.

It also contains many minerals, including potassium, calcium, and iron which are all beneficial to the skin. Many of these skincare products contain an extract called Phytoferulin which is derived directly from the bamboo plants; this compound is rich in enzymes that help revitalize cells and provide protection against free radicals!

Exposure to bamboo charcoal also has anti-aging benefits on the skin by reducing acne, blackheads, the appearance of pores, and swelling as well as soothing redness from sunburns or infections.

22. Bamboo Hair Care

Bamboo extracts like Phytoferulin make it a great ingredient for hair care like shampoo and conditioner as well since they help protect your scalp against free radicals that can cause breakage or dandruff!  

23. Bamboo Diapers

Using bamboo particles as a filler in disposable baby diapers makes them more absorbent and comfortable for your little one.

Many bamboo baby diapers are made of certified organic bamboo and it is also biodegradable so you don't have to feel guilty about creating more trash because it will decompose and not end up in landfills!

24. Bamboo Baby Wipes

Babies are sensitive so you'll want to look for bamboo baby wipes  that are made from 100 percent biodegradable bamboo fiber, which is not only softer than paper, it is also eco-friendly and sustainable.

25. Bamboo Dishcloths

Other common household bamboo products are dishcloths. Not only are these dishcloths better for the environment than regular dishrags; they're highly functional, too.    

Bamboo dishcloths are very absorbent, lint-free, and easy to use. Plus they're durable so you can use them for longer before having to throw them away.

26. Bamboo Dish Sponge

These sponges are ideal for cleaning up tough grease or dirt on dishes or glassware because they have natural antibacterial properties.

Bamboo sponges are also a lot more durable than a regular sponge so you'll be using them for longer before having to replace them.

27. Bamboo Toilet Paper

In the bathroom, bamboo toilet paper is a great eco-friendly alternative to regular toilet paper because it's biodegradable and sometimes even made from recycled materials.

The bamboo used in these products is cultivated without using artificial fertilizers or pesticides which means that toxins aren't released into the environment which would otherwise harm our health.

28. Bamboo straws

Bamboo straws are great for avoiding disposable plastic straws since they're reusable and better for the environment.

29. Bamboo fencing

While bamboo has been used for many centuries in building materials in Asia, it is now used worldwide.

Split bamboo is a material that is becoming increasingly popular as a low-cost, high-quality option for garden fencing, decoration and borders.

Moreover, bamboo fencing does not need to be treated as frequently as other types of wood which makes this an eco-conscious way to increase your property value!

30. Bamboo Walking Sticks     

Walking sticks are another great example that shows just how versatile bamboo products can be when it comes to design and functionality.

Bamboo is a material that's strong enough to hold someone up while also being extremely light, which means you don't have to sacrifice the individual experience of going for a walk in nature by getting weighed down by something heavy!

Bamboo walking sticks come with leather straps attached so you don't need to worry about losing your grip or dropping it underfoot, plus they frequently come with holders so you can attach them safely to your backpack during hikes.

31. Bamboo Skateboards

Skateboards are another product made from bamboo; these one-of-a-kind skateboards are becoming increasingly popular amongst artisans who want something more unique than wood or laminate.

The designs on each bamboo skateboard come from different artists around the world and they're becoming more and more aesthetically pleasing as this trend becomes better known!  


If you're looking for a bamboo toothbrush, clothing, or other sustainable alternative product, we've got you covered.

We searched high and low to find the best bamboo products on the market so that you can shop with a clear conscience.

Bamboo products are a great material choice for people who want to live more sustainably because it's renewable and biodegradable. Thanks for following along on our eco-friendly journey!

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