Why Wooden Toys Are Better Than Plastic

Why Wooden Toys Are Better Than Plastic

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Sustainable, Chemical-Free Toy Options

When it comes to our children, we want to make sure that we are providing them with the best and healthiest options available. This is why wood toys are becoming a popular choice over plastic and other materials that contain harmful chemicals.

Wooden toys are sustainable, non-toxic, and chemical-free - making them a safer option for your little ones. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of toys made of wood and provide some examples of eco-friendly brands that make high-quality wooden toys.

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Why Is A Wood Toy Better For Your Child?

    1. Sustainable: Wood toys are made from natural materials that can be recycled or reused. This makes them a more sustainable option than plastic toys, which often end up in landfills.
    2. Non-Toxic: Plastic and other synthetic materials often contain harmful chemicals that can be dangerous for children.
    3. Chemical-Free: Wooden baby toys are free of harmful chemicals. This is a big plus for parents who want to avoid exposing their children to harmful toxins.
    4. Eco-Friendly: Wood toys are made from sustainable materials, which makes them a more environmentally friendly option than plastic toys.
    5. Safe For Children: Toys made of wood are non-toxic and chemical-free, making them safer for children to play with.

    Developing Fine Motor Skills

    One of the benefits of wooden baby toys is that they help to develop fine motor skills in little children. Fine motor skills are important for tasks such as writing, typing, and using small tools. Wood toys are also a great option for toddlers and babies.

    They are safe for teething babies to chew on instead of their plastic counterparts and help to develop their cognitive and motor skills. Wooden toys provide a great way for children to practice these skills in a fun and safe environment with something as simple as just a block set or a lot of other options for pretend play.

    Some examples of wood toys that help to develop fine motor skills include:

    - Puzzles

    - Pegboards

    -  Stacking wooden blocks

    - Play kitchen sets

    - Hammering and screwing toys

    - Building blocks

    - Shape sorters

    -  Pull toys

    - Push toys

    - Wooden drum

    - Wooden balls

    - Wooden cars

    -  Baby rattles

    -  Play food

    - Play vehicles

    Lacing toys such as this wooden apple worm challenge toddler motor skills and may keep them active long-term.

    Six locks are irresistible for children: they love anything that looks like a real-life, adults-only object. All boxes have a unique latch that small hands are capable of opening to reveal a wooden block in its top corner to fit into the hole in the box. Then they removed the block, closed the latches, and start a new procedure.

    Is There A Market For Wooden Toys?

    The short answer is yes. In the last few years, there has been a growing interest in toys made of wood. If you're looking for safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly wooden toys for your children, these brands below are a great place to start.

    Do Wood Toys Hold Bacteria?

    One concern that some parents have about wooden toys is that they may hold bacteria. However, this is not usually the case if the toys are made from high-quality wood and are properly cleaned and maintained.

    How Do I Clean Wooden Toys?

    To clean wood toys, use a damp cloth and a mild soap. Be sure to dry the toy completely afterward, as moisture can cause the wood to warp or rot.

    Can You Still Buy A Wooden Dollhouse?

    Yes! You can still buy a  wooden dollhouse. In fact, there are some great eco-friendly brands that make high-quality wooden dollhouses. Some examples include:

    - Hape

    - Plan Toys

    - Le Toy Van

    Wooden STEM toys

    Tangram puzzles are based on an ancient Chinese mind game in which one can arrange seven geometric pieces into one shape. If a child is still learning numbers these 30 blocks include numbers 1 – 10 as well as corresponding characters which interlock like puzzles. All figurines are crafted from beech and walnut and have been painted with watercolors.

    Wooden Baby Toys

    The wooden baby rattle Homi is produced in the USA using environmentally sustainable paint and is then sealed in organic coconut oil. It is safe for babies that are teething.

    The Squishy Rattle from Manhattan Toy helps in developing the gross motor skills of the child. The rattle is manufactured using durable wood with nontoxic materials.

    Wooden Toys For Stacking And Balancing

    Wooden blocks looks cute and helps kids improve hand-eye coordination. The upright balance bicycle consists of wood that helps improve strength and motor ability for the kids.

    These delightfully crafted toys are interactive, allowing kids to explore construction and gravity.

    Eco-Friendly Brands That Make Wood Toys

    There are a number of eco-friendly brands that make high-quality toys of wood. Some of our favorites include:

    Manhattan Toy

    This company also has the wooden Rattle & Ball Set which is composed of a maple wood ball and a wooden rattle. The ball is smooth to the touch and perfect for babies to grasp. It is untreated with any harmful chemicals and conforms with CPSIA standards.

    • Made with 100% unbleached bamboo
    • 4-ply (thick and durable)
    • Soft and gentle on skin
    • Free from all chemicals and non-GMO
    • Plastic-free packaging
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    Bannor Toys

    This Vermont-based company handcrafts its wooden toys from sustainable maple hardwood that is finished with beeswax and olive oil. All of their products are made in the USA and they have a wide range of wooden baby and toddler toys.

    Green Toys

    Green Toys manufactures eco-friendly plastic toys made from recycled materials as well as eco-friendly wooden toys. Their products are made from recycled milk jugs and do not contain any harmful chemicals. In 2016, they added a new line of wood toys to their product offerings.

    [[image and text]]

    Plan Toys

    Plan Toys is a sustainable toy manufacturer that uses rubberwood from plantation trees to make its toys. Plan Toys makes wood toys that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Their products are made from rubber trees that no longer produce latex.

    The company offers a variety of wood toys for toddlers that help in their development stages. Some of these include the Plan Wood Animal Set and the Water Wow! Safari, and the Tree Top Friends.

    [[image and text]]


    We know you love your children, which is why Oompa strives to make all of their wooden toys - from building blocks and dollhouses- eco friendly by using only sustainable forest products! Our finishes on these beautiful creations are made with natural oils or safe water based coatings.

    [[image and text]]


    Hape creates beautiful, eco-friendly wood toys that are safe for children to play with. Build-A-Plane and Build-Your-Own Zoo are two of their most popular wooden toys. They also produce puzzles and pull toys for babies and toddlers.

    Sustainably harvested hardwoods make up these beautiful animals from Hape International. They are brightly colored and meant to stimulate imaginative play in children as they learn about different animal habitats around the world. This 12-piece set includes an elephant, lion, zebra, hippo, alligator, giraffe, turtle, pelican, parrot, snake, frog, and crocodile.

    [[image and text]]

    Grimm's Spiel und Holz Design

    Grimm's is a German company known for its high-quality, wood toys. Their toys are made from FSC-certified wood and finished with non-toxic paint. They offer a wide selection of wooden toys for both infants and toddlers, including construction sets, puzzles, and tug toys.

    [[image and text]]


    Haba is a German company that makes high-quality wood toys. All of their products are made in Europe and meet the highest safety standards.

    [[image and text]]

    Melissa & Doug

    Melissa & Doug is a well-known brand that makes wooden toys for children of all ages. Their products are made from sustainable materials and are designed to last for years.

    [[image and text]]


    If you’re looking for sustainable, eco-friendly, and chemical-free options for your child’s toys, wood toys are a great choice. Not only are they safer for your child, but they also help to promote their cognitive and motor development. With so many great brands to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect wooden toy for your child.

    There are many reasons why toys made of wood are better than plastic or other materials that contain harmful chemicals. Wooden toys are free of harmful chemicals, eco-friendly, safe for children to play with, and help to develop fine motor skills. In addition, wooden toys are easy to clean and do not harbor bacteria. Wooden STEM toys are also a great option for children who are learning numbers and letters. Finally, wooden toys for babies stimulate imaginative play and help in their development stages.

    We hope you enjoyed this blog post! If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of wooden toys, be sure to check out our other posts on the subject. Thanks for reading!

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